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Moment of Sailing Series

Paintings that capture the motion, time and geolocation of a sailing journey

To experience a moment of sailing is to experience a moment of life. A sailing vessel is carefully built and maintained with specific materials that will allow her to sustain integrity as she interacts with the winds and sea. Her skipper commands and navigates her through each swell and ultimately chooses her greater path. As a living being, skipper, and painter, I have come to capture this moment with paint. I have created a mechanism that embodies the spirit and movement of a sailing vessel by relinquishing a large portion of control that an artist would traditionally have with his brush. The transition of control moves from physically touching a canvas with my brush to allowing the paint to spread onto the canvas as I navigate the vessel. Each wave and movement of the boat affects the painting.

Each piece is unique to space, time, and circumstance. They are signed with the latitude and longitude where the painting is completed. They can stand alone as one moment or as a series of a journey.

It is as much about control as it is about the lack of control—about layers of control. It is a statement of sailing—a statement of living. The vessel always has motion as it is cradled and rocked by the water beneath it—around it. The water’s mood can change and the skipper and painter must react to control the vessel and the quality of the moment—the quality of the painting. He can decide to sail around a storm or through it. He can choose when new colors are applied to the canvas. The artist is the skipper...the painter leading life, captaining the vessel, painting the painting.

Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island
The above map depicts the completion locations for MA and RI paintings.
View larger map of all paintings.

British Virgin Islands
The above map depicts the completion locations for BVI paintings.
View larger map of all paintings.

New York, NY

The above map depicts the completion locations for New York area paintings. View larger map of all paintings.

South of Ellis Island
North Side of Governors Island Hudson River Near Canal Street
E of Colgate Clock - Hudson River W of North Cove Marina - Hudson River South Cove
Northeast of Statue of Liberty
S of Governors Island Morris Canal Entrance New York Bay near Green bell
Between the Dog Islands
Caribbean Sea NW of Bitter End South of Anegada Chanel Entrance South of West End Point, Anegada
North of Saddle Bay, Virgin Gorda
Sir Francis Drake Chanel, West of Virgin Gorda Sir Francis Drake Chanel, North of Cooper Island Sir Francis Drake Chanel, South of Brandy Wine Bay
South of Dead Chest Island
South of Sea Cow Bay Northwest of Peter Island
West of The Indians
East of Nahant, Massachusetts Bay
East of Winthrop, Massachusetts Bay East of Nantastket Beach, Massachusetts Bay East of Norwell, Massachusetts Bay
East of Plymouth, Massachusetts Bay
North of Sandwich, Massachusetts Bay
Southeast of Mattapoisett, Buzzards Bay East of Round Island, Buzzards Bay
Southeast of New Bedford, Buzzards Bay
Northeast of Cuttyhunk, Buzzards Bay South of Newport Neck, Atlantic Ocean Harbor of Refuge, Point Judith
East of Boston
Capecod Bay, 7M East of Plymouth Capecod Bay, 7M West of Provincetown Provincetown, S of Herring Bay
Provincetown, E of Longpoint Light
Provincetown, N of Longpoint Light Provincetown, SE of the Breakwater Provincetown, SE of the Coast Guard Pier
Provincetown, E of the Red Inn

Bartick continues to show his work in New York City and in select locations of the North East. View current and past exhibitions

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